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Law Marketing Queens was created to assist the law marketing firms and the small law firms in attracting local clients through its online marketing efforts.  

Local online marketing is the idea that a person in Philadelphia, Dublin, London is not interested in a lawyer in Queens New York. That consumer wants local law marketing that they can eventually reach out and touch and that will solve his local legal problem.  The goal for any online marketing effort is, therefore, to find these local consumers that are looking for you.

We accomplish delivering this local client prospect to you by providing real time legal leads via our proprietary lead generation platform, and through the management of your paid search campaigns and seo efforts.  Delivering local leads is our goal and promise.

How the legal landscape has changed?

The days of having an ad in the yellow pages, or running ads in local periodicals (or frankly even television), are fast becoming a thing of the past.  

Think for example about some of the major periodicals that have all but ended the use of their hard copy publications.  Think Newsweek magazine.  Newspapers all over the country are replacing their hard copy newspapers for new and more robust online publications.

Modern law firm marketing 

It is no accident that these companies, which have been producing their publications in hard copy are moving to the internet.  The legal profession has also been affected by the presence of the internet.  Many attorneys can recall the days when they had to look at physical books to do legal research.  Westlaw and Lexnexis have transformed that process and no sane individual would dare pick up a legal periodical to do any real legal research.  The bottom line is that the internet has transformed nearly every aspect of the practice of law–including your marketing.

Law firm marketing solutions

Our legal digital marketing experts take into account the essence of your business, taking into account your target market, the services you provide to deliver custom made digital marketing solutions



We provide a variety of SEO marketing  related services to approved clients, as follows:

Keyword research – including volume analysis, competitive analysis, commercial value, and LSI research. In plain English, we find the very best keywords for you to rank for. Keyword research is very labor intensive and is offered on a per hour basis only, and is not included in our on page optimisation or backlink building packages. 

On page SEO. We will only do on page SEO for clients for whom we have already conducted keyword research ( sorry, but we won’t build on somebody else’s foundations ). 

We will write your content and optimize it for your keywords, make sure your copy is sticky, and construct contextual internal links ( very important, plus nobody else in Ireland can do this exactly right ). We also add social share options to each page ( easy, that’s why we do it as standard ). We charge on a per page basis.

Link building and off page SEO. The most expensive part of the search engine optimisation process. 

Our off page SEO is more organic, more natural, than our competitors, with only geniune social mentions on google plus, facebook, and twitter. None of our competitors know exactly how we do this, but it beats their canned social signals every time. Our link building is highly effective, and low risk. We’re not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

SEO friendly web design. We have access to a top team of winning web designers that can produce a stunning looking website at a low cost. Prices start at €450 for a basic site. Keyword research, copywriting and on page SEO not included.

PPC campaign management. If you want to combine SEO with pay per click marketing on google adwords, msn or yahoo, or even focus exclusively on paid online advertising, then we can help. Paid traffic is very different to search engine optimisation – but don’t worry, we do both. We can manage and optimize your campaigns, slashing your advertising costs and increasing your ROI.

Our experts will:

  • re-write your ad copy
  • split test your ads
  • eliminate non-converting keywords and site placements

As a PPC management fee, we charge 15% of your ad spend per campaign, per month ( minimum €1000 ad spend )

For more information on some of our other services, google analytics set up, webmaster tools set up, split testing, or banner ad design, contact us directly at





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