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About Law Marketing Queens

Marketing solutions for lawyers

legal marketing expertLaw Marketing Queens is an internet marketing company founded by Seamus Hanratty BA, LLB, DIP Marketing. You can find Seamus on LinkedIn here.

Who we are?

Law Marketing Queens works exclusively with law firms, claims firms and other legal firms across the globe. We are a team of internet marketing experts based in Ireland who specialise in search engine optimisation and web design. We improve your search engine positioning and optimise your website to appeal to, and convert prospects into clients

How law firm marketing can help?

If your website does not appear on the first page of results for Google when consumers are searching for your services, then it is very unlikely your website will generate clients. Firms with rankings at the top of Google for different search terms are able to consistently receive new clients. We work with firms which have an existing customer base and are looking to further market their practice online so they can progress and gain more clients.

What to expect?

  • Focus

We only work with up to 10 selected clients at one time to allow more time to get each individual client the best results possible.

  • Knowledge and Expertise

    Every member of our team is great at what they do. We will update you on the progress of your campaign and answer any questions.

  • Passion and Drive

We firmly believe that doing the minimum isn’t enough. We are driven by getting you great results and are passionate about online marketing.

  • High ROI

Our services focus not just on what will get you the best ranking, but how to give you the highest return on investment.


our seo strategy for law firms

The process of getting your Law Firm to the top of search engines is a bit of a mystery to many solicitors. The most common question we receive is “How do you do it?”.

1) Keyword Analytics

We research which keywords are best to rank in order for you to get the highest return on investment possible. 

2) Link Building

The single most important and time consuming aspect of search engine optimisation for a law firm is getting inbound links to your home page.

Part of our strategy for building links includes:

  • Competition analysis. This is a method of using software to analyse the backlinks of your highest ranking competitors to find out specifically which websites are linking to them and then emulate these links as well as adding additional links in order to gain more authority with Google and a higher ranking.
  • Create quality content. We create quality articles and blog posts to be used by other sites that will link to your site.
  • Blog commenting. We post helpful feedback and insightful comments on blogs that link to your site.

3) Social Media

One of the ways Google judges the authority of your site is your company’s presence on social media. We create and build social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google + and more. These will all link back to your website and not only will they help increase your rankings, but it will increase your exposure and contribute towards the growth of your client base.

4) Publish New Content

Publishing new content to your website in the form of blog posts/news updates will help improve you website’s credibility.

Create contents that references:

  • Educational posts relating to the practice of law.
  • The law’s relevance to certain current affairs.
  • Your company’s involvement in any local public cases or events

Increase your law firms website ROI and client base today

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