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SEO Keywords for Lawyers?

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When a solicitor chooses to grow their law firm through internet marketing they need to know which areas and keywords are best to target. If you’re a law firm based in Salford, should you just target Salford, Manchester, other include nearby areas? If you’re a law firm based in the heart of Birmingham should you simply target the keyword “solicitors in Birmingham”? Making the wrong choice could end up losing you hundreds of enquiries every year.

SEO keywords for lawyers should use tools

To start with you should research the volume of people searching for a solicitor in each area. There are different tools you can use to do this such as

We have used this software to provide information on searches for law firms in Manchester and Salford. Below are the monthly search volumes for some of the main keywords relating to solicitors in Manchester.

Local SEO lawyer strategy

  • Solicitors Manchester – 720
  • Solicitors in Manchester – 720
  • Manchester Solicitors – 480
  • Solicitor Manchester – 170

Over 2000 potential clients every month are searching for search terms similiar to solicitors in Manchester. Getting on page one of Google for these search terms will greatly increase a law firm’s revenue, but this also means that achieving page one status is much more competitive.

  • Solicitors in Salford – 50

Unfortunately, there are only 50 people searching for a solicitor in Salford every month. Ranking for this search term will not show any major increase in enquiries from your website.

So ranking for solicitors in Salford will not generate much revenue for your law firm, and ranking for solicitors in Manchester would take a substantial investment over a number of months.

But what if you would like to get new clients but don’t feel ready to fund a larger campaign for a broad keyword such as “solicitors in Manchester”

One of the things you can do is rank for solicitors in your niche area.

For example if you are looking to take on new clients relating to immigration law in Manchester the monthly search volumes are:

  • Immigration solicitors Manchester – 390
  • Immigration solicitors in Manchester – 90
  • Immigration solicitor Manchester – 70
  • Manchester immigration solicitors – 50
  • Immigration solicitor in Manchester – 30

There are still approximately 650 people searching for immigration solicitors in Manchester every month, and in addition there are other people searching for variations of “immigration lawyers Manchester”. Ranking at the top of Google for these keywords shouldn’t take as long and it will get you more of the type of clients you are looking for.

SEO keywords for lawyers should use broader keywords

Some law firms might like the appeal of ranking nationally for the most broad terms possible such as ‘solicitor’ and ‘solicitors’

Below are the monthly search volumes for the main national keywords in the Google UK search engine.

  • Solicitors – 22,200
  • Solicitor – 14,800
  • Solicitors in England – 20
  • Solicitors in Wales – 20
  • Solicitors in Scotland – 20
  • Best Solicitor in England – Less than 10

At first glance it may appear that ranking for a keyword that has 22,200 searches would greatly increase your business. Although this is not the case because most devices use location services for displaying results for these terms. As a result most people that are simply searching “solicitors” are only receiving their local results in the Google results. This is one of the reasons why getting on the Google map is so important.

Legal marketing strategies

You need to properly research keywords and implement the strategy that is best suited to your location and the type of clients you are looking to acquire.

If you live in a big city it may be best to rank for your niche + city unless you are already a larger law firm.

For a smaller city, ranking at the top of Google for “solicitor in your city” could be the optimum strategy.

If you are targetting an area which focuses on 2-3 small towns, you could try ranking for “solicitor in name of town” in each of these towns.

Make sure whoever is planning your strategy chooses the right strategy for your geographic location and the type of clients you are looking to take on.

Start Landing More Clients

We can implement this strategy for you and can get your law firm to the top of Google for a number of carefully selected keywords in your chosen area. If you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation, call us at 0873306282 or email us at

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