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The Best Law Firm SEO Tips?Lawyer SEO Expert

Unless you have years of real world experience in the field of law firm marketing and specifically legal seo, you will struggle to understand exactly what it takes to rank a website. This is fine, as there are professionals out there to do the job for you, but if you do go down the road of hiring an agency, you need to know what you are getting into. In our last post, we looked at some of the perils of engaging an seo company that lacks a healthy respect for google’s webmaster guidelines.

Now, though, we’ll examine one of the most powerful ways to actually move the needle ( in relative safety ) with your search engine rankings – off page optimisation, also known primarily as inbound link building. This is an area you must focus on to get the results that you want.

The best law firm SEO will use link building strategies

Your website will not rank unless it has links from relevant websites with domain authority, trust flow and, ultimately, power. Yes, on page seo is very important – your site must have excellent content and a search engine friendly structure – but the real focus of your search engine optimisation campaign should be on your off site activity.

While google encourages webmasters to wait for links to occur naturally, in reality this rarely happens. The best law firm SEO needs to be proactive and seek opportunities to get backlinks from relevant sources. This may involve networking and reaching out to other webmasters for the purpose of asking them for links to your site.

Other options are directory links ( especially DMOZ if you can get approved ) and press releases, which also provide the secondary advantage of getting your business out there. Social media can also play a part in promoting your website and getting it noticed by humans and search engine spiders alike.

A lawyer SEO expert will know that there is no easy way

There is no doubt about it – obtaining links powerful enough to rank your website well in the search engine results pages for competitive keywords is very time consuming and difficult. And there is also the issue of anchor text to consider. For example, if you approach a webmaster or even a friend who has a website that can provide you with a link, what anchor text should you use? This is a question that often requires the input of an experienced seo consultant, so bear this in mind.

Contextual links ( links from within articles and blog posts ) are often the most effective. Building in content backlinks requires content creation, however. If you have a skilled writer available, this will undoubtedly be a great advantage to you.

Overall, a terrific solution can be a skilled team of search engine optimisation and link building specialists. We strongly urge you to consider this if your budget permits.

Modern law SEO tactics

For the modern law firm, search engine marketing can be daunting. Everything seems so complex and there is so much competition for the search engine first page ‘hot spots’. If you have a law firm that you want to get ranked on google’s first page for relevant industry keywords, you must have a strong plan that will work well in the real world.

The best law firm SEO strategy is to hire an expert

Unless you are an seo expert in your own right, developing and executing a skillful strategy will be nigh on impossible. This is where the professionals come in. Having a team of search engine optimization pros that you can truly rely on will definitely mean the difference between consistent first page positioning in the SERPs and a website that is glued to page 76.

Finding such a team is ordinarily the tough part, but not for you, as you have already landed in the best place for professional legal SEO services that deliver excellent ranking improvements.

Our strategies are carefully developed and honed to produce maximum movement in the search engine results pages for your chosen keyword phrases with an absolute minimum of risk ( there is always some risk with organic search engine optimisation ).

With years of experience in organic optimisation and inbound link development, we are in a great position ( no pun intended ) to help you with your campaigns.

More tips from a lawyer SEO expert

Regardless of whether you choose to employ us or another law firm digital marketing agency, keep these simple points in mind if you want to have a website that ranks well organically with a low penalty risk:

  • Do not buy links from public, or even private, blog networks. Such practices are getting easier and easier for search engines like google to detect ( by means of both algorithmic filtering and manual reviews ).
  • Avoid stuffing your web pages with keywords you want to rank for – write your content for human readers, not search engine spiders.
  • Develop both high calibre on site and off site content, which is genuinely useful to its readers. This will mean that you are earning your backlinks and providing value to your visitors.

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