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Marketing ideas for small law firms?

If you’re a solo attorney or a small firm with limited marketing resources, you may be wondering what types of strategies are still effective. The answer: there are plenty! In fact, most of the time, small law firms have one big advantage over their larger counterparts: they can communicate directly with potential clients in a way that large firms can’t match. For example, here’s what some successful small firms do to market themselves—and how they make it work for them:

Marketing ideas for small law firms? co-counseling

Co-counseling is a practice that’s been around since the 1970s. It’s based on the idea that all people have access to wisdom, empathy and insight, but we may not be aware of these qualities within ourselves. Co-counseling provides a safe space for you and your law partners to share ideas about cases or other issues related to your law firm.

Lawyers who participate in co-counseling often say it helps them develop stronger relationships with their colleagues and clients. The ability to listen actively is an important skill when practicing co-counseling—you must be willing to hear what others are saying without judgment or defensiveness. In addition, co-counseling allows lawyers to take advantage of each other’s expertise; if one partner knows more about contract disputes than another partner does, they can help each other out by sharing their knowledge on contracts during meetings held before trial dates or settlement negotiations with opposing counsels’ firms

marketing mailers

The following are a few basic rules to keep in mind when composing your marketing mailers:

  • Don’t send out a ton of them. You don’t want to overwhelm your clientele with too many mailers, or worse, have them tune out completely because they’re tired of seeing your name and face on the front door every week.
  • Don’t send out too long of a mailer. A three-page brochure is fine for an annual report, but if you’re trying to sell something like a new service line or some form of real estate investment advice, then don’t try to fit all that information into one piece of paper (or two).
  • Don’t send out short and boring pieces that don’t really get the point across—you want people reading these things! Make sure the message is clear and easy for busy people in need of professional services like yours to understand without having their eyes glaze over after reading one sentence too many times over again (or not enough).

Marketing ideas for small law firms? public relations

You may have heard of public relations (PR). PR is the process of building up and maintaining a good reputation, which can also be used to help promote your firm or yourself.

It’s a way to get your name out there. People who are looking for lawyers, might see you in the news or on TV and decide that you are the right lawyer for them.


Networking is a great way to meet new clients, other lawyers, and potential co-counselors. You can do it through your chamber of commerce or local bar association. Or you can try online networking sites like Linkedin or Facebook groups dedicated to your field.

If networking isn’t really your thing, there are other ways:

  • Find an attorney who’s doing well for himself and ask him about his marketing strategies (and send him this article!).
  • Ask lawyers who work in the same building as you what they do to market themselves; chances are they’re doing some things right!

seminars and other educational sessions

Seminars and other educational sessions are a great way to build your brand. You can use seminars to educate your clients on topics that are relevant to them, and in this way, you’ll be able to help them save time and money by keeping them from having to hire additional professionals. In addition, if you’re looking for ways of networking with other professionals in the field, seminars can be an excellent venue for doing so.

social media

Social media is not dead. It’s just not the golden goose for marketing your law firm that it used to be. Remember when you could do Facebook ads and get leads? Those days are gone. Social media has become more of a relationship building tool than an immediate lead generation tool, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all!

Take advantage of the fact that clients and potential clients are online. You can use social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to connect with people and build your brand or business in general (and potentially earn some new business).

They are still being used.

  • Co-counseling: A law firm can sponsor a co-counseling session with another small or solo practice. The sponsoring firm will provide some of the attorney’s time, and in return the other firm will do the same.
  • Marketing mailers: Small firms can send out mailers about their services to nearby businesses, including restaurants and service providers such as landscapers and house cleaners.
  • Public relations: Some law firms do public relations work for client companies that may then be willing to refer work back to them. This is especially effective if you have done a good job at publicizing your client’s business, which will lead potential clients to trust you when they need legal representation themselves.

Marketing ideas for small law firms? Conclusion

What do you think? Are these strategies still viable today? Do you have any other ideas for small law firms looking to market themselves? Let us know in the comments section!

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