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What does a marketing department do for a law firm?


One of the most important things a law firm does is market itself. The marketing department is tasked with creating the strategies that will help bring clients into the firm and keep those clients happy once they’ve become clients. Here’s what you need to know about how a marketing department works:

They create branding and campaigns for firm.

Branding is the process of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies your law firm. It sets you apart from the competition and helps people remember you. A good brand can be used in many different ways including:

  • Creating advertisements for print publications.
  • Promoting your firm on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Designing logos for business cards and letterhead stationary to use in correspondence with clients and prospective clients (or anyone else who might need it!).

They develop social media campaigns to promote the firm.

Social media is a great way to promote the firm and reach new clients, attorneys and vendors. Social media can be used in many ways to reach out to people who may not be aware of your firm’s services.

It is important for marketing teams to develop social media campaigns that focus on the needs of their target audience as well as provide value for them in order for these campaigns to be successful.

They design the website.

The website is the first thing people see when they search for your firm. The website should be easy to navigate, have a consistent look and feel across all pages, and contain relevant information about your practice areas. You also want to make sure that your blog has been updated regularly with new content so people can learn more about what you do.

They create multimedia content such as videos and podcasts.

One of the most popular forms of content on social media is video. Videos are a great way to reach a new audience and promote your law firm. If you’re looking for ways to get more clients, creating videos could be an effective strategy for you!

If you want to create videos but aren’t sure where to start, let me help: I’ve created quite a few videos in my time as an attorney and marketing consultant (and even before that). Here are some tips from my experience:

  • Make sure your video has a clear purpose and call-to-action–it should have an objective or goal in mind when someone watches it; otherwise they won’t know what they’re supposed to do next after watching it. For example, if someone watches one of our videos about how we helped one client with their legal issue, we might tell them “Contact us today!” or something similar at the end so viewers know exactly what action they should take right away after watching our message.* Donate only 20% – 30%

They create events and networking opportunities for their attorneys to meet clients and other attorneys.

Events and networking opportunities are a great way to meet clients and other attorneys. Events can be in-person or online, depending on the type of law you practice and where your target audience is located.

In-person events are particularly helpful for meeting clients because they’re able to see how you work firsthand, as well as get an idea of what your firm does for them. The same goes for meetings with other attorneys: if there’s a particular colleague who needs some legal advice, having an event where everyone can get together makes it easier for everyone involved–and it makes it much more likely that they will return again!

They work with attorneys on marketing plans to get their names out there within the legal industry (and beyond).

The marketing department works with attorneys on marketing plans to get their names out there within the legal industry (and beyond). They help them get more clients, business and referrals by doing things like:

  • Creating targeted and effective ads for publications like magazines, newspapers and online news sites.
  • Planning events like conferences or seminars that attract potential clients.
  • Writing articles about legal issues for trade journals and other publications that are relevant to your practice area or geographic location.

One of the most important things a law firm does is market itself through its marketing department

One of the most important things a law firm does is market itself through its marketing department. Why? Because marketing allows you to get your name out there, find new clients, and make sure people know who you are.

Marketing is also critical for any business–not just law firms! If you want your company to grow and succeed, it’s essential for everyone involved in running or managing it (e.g., owners/partners) that they understand how important marketing is in terms of growing their business from an idea into something bigger than themselves alone; otherwise there will be no growth at all because no one knows who they are yet!


A marketing department is a vital part of any law firm. They are responsible for creating and implementing campaigns that help grow your business, as well as designing websites, multimedia content and events. If you’re interested in learning more about what a marketing department can do for your firm, contact us today!

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