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Content marketing for law firms?

Just as the term “law firm” conjures up images of pinstriped lawyers in high-rise offices, so too does “content marketing” bring to mind a certain type of company. But content marketing doesn’t have to be limited to B2C companies or service businesses. Law firms can benefit from it just as much as any other industry—and perhaps even more so.

Content marketing for law firms

Content marketing is a great way to reach your target audience. It can be used to attract new clients and build your brand, educate clients, generate leads and more.

Here’s how content marketing works: You create useful and relevant content that’s useful for your target audience (in this case lawyers). Then you share it through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter so that people see it in their feeds; if they find the information valuable enough they might click through to read more of what you have written!

The next step is to create an offer in exchange for the reader’s email address. You can use this email list to send out targeted content, offers or invitations to events that are relevant to your clients. If you want to learn more about how content marketing works and how it can benefit your law firm, check out this post from Copyblogger!

Why does your law firm need to do content marketing?

Content marketing is a way to build trust with your audience, build relationships with your audience and educate them on topics that they care about. It’s also a way to provide value by answering questions they have or providing information they need.

It’s not just about generating leads–though that can be an outcome as well–but rather it’s about providing value in exchange for their time, attention and other forms of currency (such as social shares).

But how do you know if your content marketing efforts are working? It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of creating and publishing content, but if no one is reading it or taking action on what you’ve written, then what’s the point?

Who’s doing content marketing for law firms?

There are a number of law firms that have been doing content marketing for years. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Bingham McCutchen has been producing videos, infographics and blog posts since 2013.
  • Covington & Burling created a series of podcasts called “The Firm” which features interviews with clients and attorneys alike.
  • Holland & Knight has had an active social media presence since 2010 with weekly Twitter chats on topics like legal technology or women in business law firm leadership roles (#WomenInBFL).
  • K&L Gates launched its first blog post in March 2012; today it has 11 blogs covering everything from bankruptcy law to immigration issues affecting foreign nationals living in America today (including DACA). The firm even publishes weekly newsletters featuring trending topics related to each blog post written during that week! Skadden Arps Slate Meagher Flom (or “SASMF”) offers tips about how small businesses can use technology resources available at no charge through companies like Google or Amazon Web Services (AWS). One recent article titled “Do You Have A Plan For Disaster Recovery?” explains how SASMF uses AWS services after experiencing an outage caused by Hurricane Matthew last year which knocked out power for several hours at their offices located near Miami Beach, Florida

What kind of content is useful to law firms?

Your content should be useful to your audience, relevant to your audience and engaging for them. It should also be shareable and valuable.

How can you write useful, engaging content?

The first step in content marketing is to write about topics that are relevant to your clients. This can be anything from how to choose a lawyer, how much services cost and what they include, or even just general information about the law and legal issues in general.

Your writing should have a conversational tone–it should sound like you’re speaking directly to them when you’re writing it. You want people who read your content to feel like they know who wrote it because of this friendly, human tone.

This is the first step in content marketing because it’s the most important one. If your content isn’t relevant to your clients, then they won’t want to read it and won’t share it with their friends or family members. You need to come up with topics that people will find interesting and engaging.

Law firms need to start using content marketing now.

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand, attract new clients and establish thought leadership. It also helps you build trust with existing clients by helping them solve their problems or meet their needs.

Content marketing is a powerful tool that law firms should embrace now if they want to succeed in the future.

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses content to attract, engage and retain customers. It’s usually free to consume, but can also be used to sell products or services.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your law firm’s marketing and sales efforts, content marketing is a great place to start. It can help you attract new clients, grow your brand awareness, and generate leads for attorneys at all levels of experience–and all with minimal investment.

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