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SEO for Lawyers: 5 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Setting up your website and optimizing for mobile users is a bit like opening an office on the avenue, unlocking the door, and hanging an “open” sign in the window.

People may stop in now and then and say hello, but not many. And not often.


Nobody knows you’re there.

Reaching your firm’s biggest audience in the digital age means leveraging the tools of SEO for lawyers to drive inbound traffic to your content.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t familiar with the tools you may be prone to making costly errors.

We can help. We’ve put together a list of 5 common mistakes to avoid in SEO.

Sidestep these doozies and you’re well on your way to getting knocks on the door.

Let’s go:

1. Lawyer SEO not Investing in Content

Investing in content doesn’t necessarily mean paying someone to produce digital marketing materials for your firm. Although it could certainly help.

Rather, investing time and resources. In any firm, your legal expertise and experience are the cornerstones of your client base.

Use that expertise to create content and your lawyer SEO will soar.

2. Lawyer SEO not Distributing Content

Creating content is one thing. Distributing it is another.

The key to SEO is inbound links. Working to distribute that content raises your visibility and raises your ranking in search engines.

3. Overusing Keywords is a key lawyer SEO mistake

Since keywords are easy to understand and use there’s a problem:

Sometimes in SEO for lawyers legal professionals overuse them.

More than 5% of your content means the dreaded Google Bots will devalue your content.

4. You’re Ignoring Reviews

Making sure you are soliciting, promoting, and paying attention to reviews will help optimize your site for search traffic.

Why? Good reviews are great. But even bad reviews draw attention.

Make sure you’re working to build reviews.

5. You’re Doing It Yourself

Imagine a digital marketing professional defending herself in court during a murder trial.

Is it really that different from a lawyer performing their own digital marketing? Without the right team, a law firm stands to get killed by the competition.

Okay, maybe it sounds a bit harsh. But SEO for lawyers is a dynamic and trend-based practice.

Attracting potential clients through digital marketing means leaning on the expertise of professionals. Just as with legal matters, experience, techniques, and a track record of success make all the difference in the world.

Move Past The Mistakes in using SEO for Lawyers

Law SEO can help.

With experience with legal firms and a track record of mastery with SEO tools, we can use best practices to propel your firm higher in the search rankings.

If you avoid these 5 Common Mistakes using SEO for lawyers, you’ll be able to use your internet marketing resources more effectively.

But there’s a difference between simply avoiding the mistakes and moving past the competition. A winning SEO strategy requires expert insight.

Ready to move your SEO to the next level and watch your practice rise in the search rankings?

Don’t risk losing another client to your competition.

Contact us now to find out how Law SEO can deliver more clients using our proven tools.

What is SEO for lawyers?

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