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Can SEO for Lawyers benefit legal practices?

In a single word – yes. Search engine optimisation can definitely boost the sales of a business, if it is done correctly.

While there is no doubt that seo isn’t necessarily right for each and every website / business out there, size really isn’t the issue. If your company meets a simple set of criteria, seo should suit you very well (even if your company consists of just yourself and you are working from home ).

So if size isn’t the main determining factor as to whether search engine optimisation will work well for you, then what is?

Mainly the type of business you are in. Some products and services simply do not lend themselves to well to organic optimisation. This could be due to a lack of demand and therefore low search engine traffic volume or a number of other factors, such as:

  • tiny profit margins that won’t cover your seo costs
  • low transaction values
  • a constant need for new customers and / or customers in high volumes
  • you haven’t the infrastructure to handle an increase in sales ( this shouldn’t ever happen to a savvy entrepreneur, though ).

SEO for lawyers

If you are not afflicted with any of the above issues, seo could work just fine for you, even if your outfit is small. The only thing is this – your budget must be sufficient to cover the expense of your campaign. And the more competitive your market and keywords are, the more expensive your seo campaign will likely be, so bear this in mind.

Some SEO legal keywords are hyper-competitive and you’re going to need a budget to compete

Funding is therefore the main obstacle in your way if you are a SME owner wanting to get into organic search engine optimisation.

SEO for lawyers will use link building and keywords

It is a fact that loads of local businesses and independent entrepreneurs are getting excellent results in the SERPs through efficient on page optimisation and a robust link building plan. To join them, you just need to know the rules of the game and execute your seo strategy with skill, consistency, determination and patience. Keywords should play a decisive factor in your law firm SEO digital marketing plan.

Keywords are vital for lawyer SEO

Keywords are still the primary focus of every successful lawyer search engine optimisation campaign. While a modern approach can be to zone in on topics with regard to on site optimisation, rather than keywords ( a great idea, by the way ), keywords will still play a crucial role in your off page seo. Having relevant keywords in the anchor text of some of your incoming links is critical to ranking well in google’s search results pages.

Lawyer SEO keyword research tips

We have covered the proper way to approach lawyer SEO keyword research in a recent post, as well as three common pitfalls to avoid when selecting your keywords in another post, but today we’re going to examine the three most common negative scenarios associated with improper keyword selection and the potential consequences of each.

Scenario one: picking keywords that you can never rank for. This is soul destroying. While patience is essential for lawyer seo success and most people give up far too soon, there are some phrases in every competitive online market that a new entrant could never realistically hope to rank for – ever. The consequences are simple – no traffic.

The problem here is that true keyword competition can be tough to gauge as there are so many variables. If you lack search engine marketing experience, avoid this potential banana skin by seeking the input of a seasoned seo pro who knows how to size up the competition for any keyword.

Scenario two: Keywords with no search volume. Getting to the top of the search engine results pages can be exhilarating for sure. Seeing your site setting at number one gives you a real buzz of excitement, but there are few things that can bring you back down to earth with a thud like the realisation that you are ranking for keywords that have no search volume. Ouch. Like the first scenario, you’ll get zero traffic, but at least you will have something to show your family and friends, so it could be worse.

Scenario three: Volume, but no sales. Maybe your website is garbage and that’s why nobody is buying ( if so, then good – you can fix your site ), but something darker could be going on. Yes, you could be ranking for keyword phrases that have no commercial value. In other words, the searchers have no interest in spending any money. They just want to do research, have fun or window shop ( in a virtual sense ). A frustrating situation to be in to be sure, with no solution other that starting all over again and choosing a new set of keywords. Boo hoo indeed.

So the lessons are simple here – do you homework when choosing the keywords that are going to form the basis of your seo campaign. Spend as much time as it takes – don’t rush through it. Use whatever tools you happen to have at your disposal. And if you can afford to hire an expert to help you, do it. Targeting the wrong keywords is no fun ( even the novelty of showing your number one rankings for zero traffic keywords wears off after a while.. ).

SEO for lawyers

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