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Google My Business(GMB) for law firms and solicitors?

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With the right tools, you can optimize your law firm or solicitor’s Google My Business listing and make sure that your business appears when people search for it.

Why do you need Google My Business(GMB) for law firms and solicitors?

Google My Business(GMB) is a free service that allows you to connect with customers, get more clients, get more reviews and make your law firm or solicitor stand out in the search engines.

Why do you need Google My Business(GMB)?

  • To help you connect with customers: People are searching for legal services online so it’s important that potential clients can find their way to your website. An active GMB listing will help them do this by supplying contact details and opening hours – so they can contact you directly without having to spend time on researching how they are going to get in touch with you.
  • To help get new clients: When someone sees your business on Google Maps or Google Search results page (SERP), they’re also likely to click through if there are positive reviews from previous customers beside it – which will give them confidence about working with you too!

What are the benefits of GMB for law firms and solicitors?

When you have a GMB listing, your law firm or solicitor will be able to:

  • Reach potential clients in their local area.
  • Show off that they’re trusted by other businesses and professionals in the industry.
  • Provide valuable information about their services to customers who are searching for legal advice, as well as those who would like to learn more about a particular area of law before hiring an attorney.

How to create your listing:

  • Go to Google My Business(GMB) and create a profile for your law firm/solicitor.
  • Add your business name, address, phone number and hours of operation.
  • Add your website URL if you have one.
  • Upload photos of the office or building, including at least one photo that shows an exterior shot of the building or office where you work so people can easily find it when they search for businesses near them on Google Maps. For example: “This is what my law office looks like.”

What is the best way to optimize pictures in my GMB for law firms and solicitors?

When optimizing your Google My Business page, you want to make sure that the images you use are high-quality and reflect your brand.

A professional picture of yourself is a must! You want to show off how professional and smart you are by using a headshot in your profile picture.

You can also upload an image of your office or workspace which shows off where the magic happens: behind closed doors!

Do I need a website to create a GMB for law firms and solicitors?

You are in luck, because creating a Google My Business is easy and doesn’t require any website. You can add your website to the GMB later on if you want to, but that isn’t necessary either. The importance of having a Google My Business is that it’s the first step in getting yourself online and making sure customers find you when they search for your business.

Google My Business allows you to add photos of your offices, hours of operation, links back to your website (wherever it may be), contact information and other relevant details about what makes your business unique. It’s also free! So don’t worry too much about how much time or money goes into getting started with GMB; as long as these steps are taken care of properly then everything else should fall into place over time naturally – especially once you start seeing results from people finding out about their services through Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In addition to this being one way for people looking for lawyers or solicitors near them might find them without having done any previous research beforehand; other ways include social media platforms like LinkedIn where professionals often share job openings among themselves rather than posting publicly on public sites like Facebook where anyone could see it without knowing who was hiring what positions.”

How do I change my category on my GMB for law firms and solicitors?

You can change your category on Google My Business by editing the About section.

If you want to change the category of your business, look in the ‘About’ section and click ‘Edit’. Choose a new category from the drop-down menu.

You can also use this page to add more information about your business or update any contact information that has changed since you first submitted it.

How can I monitor reviews on my GMB for law firms and solicitors?

You can monitor reviews on your Google My Business page by using the following tools:

  • The GMB dashboard: This is where you manage your business and view information about its online presence. To access it, go to [yourbusinessname].com/manager
  • The GMB app: Use this to make quick changes to the information you’ve set up for your business on Google Search, Maps and other Google services.
  • The GMB webmaster tool: This will show how many times your site has been indexed by search engines, which pages are ranking, etc. It’s also a good way of checking whether any problems with crawlers have affected any specific pages or keywords.

If you use apps like Hootsuite or Buffer on social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter then you could schedule posts from within these platforms that link back through into my client work (as a solicitor).

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Google My Business(GMB) for law firms and solicitors? This is a question many people ask themselves before they set up their own GMB listing. We’re going to go through some of the benefits and explain how it can help your business grow in 2019.


You can create your Google My Business (GMB) listing in just a few minutes. We recommend checking out our guide on how to create a GMB account. Once you’ve done that, we recommend visiting our page on how to optimize pictures for your GMB listing or visit our blog post on the topic here.

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